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iPhone widgets by MuseStorm coming now!

This just in!  Popular Web Widgitizer MuseStorm is now offering widgets for the iPhone!
To wit:
…The small screens of mobile devices are blurring the lines between webpages and widgets. So it should come as no surprise that MuseStorm, hitherto a platform for developing widgets for syndication across the web and onto desktops, is coming out with […]

Turn your iPod into an iPhone

Okay, true, it’s not quite iPhone news, but it’s pretty neat indeed!  To wit:
…The iPhone and iPod touch are almost indistinguishable devices except for one major difference—you can make calls from your iPhone, and you can’t from your iPod touch. For the privilege of making phone calls with your iPhone, you have to pay $100 […]

Only 1 iPhone thou can purchase!

Not that I
can understand why anyone needs MORE than one iPhone, but check this out from the Boy Genius:
….A "breaking news" bulletin was just sent out to all AT&T Retail employees today stating that they have started limiting iPhone purchases to one per customer. The email isn’t exciting, but the inventory is definitely starting to […]

Oh Steve, Why Do You Tease Me?

It appears that Steve Jobs KNOWS I’m considering getting an iPhone.  Yes indeed he knows, and he’s instituted a company wide outage of iPhones.  To wit:
… The iPhone is of-of-stock "company wide," Apple sales representatives said Sunday. The outage has fueled rumors that the next-generation 3G model will be released shortly.
Neither Apple’s U.S. or U.K. […]

Be Speed Racer (kinda sorta) with your iPhone!

I can’t wait to see the new Speed Racer movie, can you?  And while I’m champing at the bit, while I have yet to find a Speed Racer iPhone theme, I did uncover:
…The Apple iPhone and iPod touch is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for homebrew game developers and this latest creation looks like […]

iPhone demand keeps growing - why not sell yours at an inflated price?

Seems like the demands for iPhones overseas is just growing and growing!  To wit:
…It seems there’s lots of people desperate to get their hands on unopened iPhones — even a couple of weeks before older models are outdated.
A couple of months ago I bought a 16-Gbyte iPhone at the Apple Store, thinking I’d upgrade from […]

Battle for the iPhone News Button

If you were
a print publisher today, you’d probably be champing at bit for this:
…If it wasn’t bad enough that newspapers are dying as cheap Web-based rivals thrive, now media companies will have to get by notoriously fickle Apple  (nasdaq: AAPL -  news  -  people ) Chief Executive Steve Jobs if they hope to secure a […]

Play Rubik’s Cube on your iPhone and tweak the code

Now is this cool or what?  To wit:
…When I first got my iPhone, it was a disappointment not to see lots of games installed from default, but as the application development for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch is amazing, many games have been launched since. The video below shows a new game in development […]

Associated Press - good news for iPhone and mobile phone users!

This just in!
To wit:
…The Associated Press has launched its own Mobile News Network, a Web-based applications specifically designed to bring news and information from the AP’s collection of over 100 new organizations to mobile phone users everywhere. But the AP especially wants iPhone users: they’ve optimized the service for the iPhone, and are very […]

Free AT&T Wi-Fi goes bye bye for iPhone logins

Was this rolled
out too soon?
Were unexpected problems encountered?
Will Luke marry Laura?
To wit:
On Wednesday, we reported that AT&T had begun offering free Wi-Fi access to iPhone users at many of their national Wi-Fi hotspots, including Starbucks and Barnes & Noble locations.
No official announcement had been made, however, and AT&T representatives reportedly declined to comment. Today, […]

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